What is the Passport to Bushwick?

A limited edition Passport offers a taste (a whole free drink's taste) of 19 of our favorite local bars anytime in 2020 (for only $25). Try new bars and rediscover old favorites with the Passport to Bushwick. Brought to you by Bushwick Daily, Passport to Bushwick purchases support independent local businesses and independent local media. *Also supports a very fun 2019*

How do I get one?

You can order right here. They're $25 each.

How many passports are there?

There's a limited quantity for sale so get yours fast. Orders will be shipped in mid-January.

How does it work when I go to the bars?

Show your passport to your server and they'll enter it into their system and make your (free) drink. They'll also stamp or sign the corresponding page in your passport and add the date. Always remember to tip your bartender. 

What do I get when I visit a Passport Destination?

The short answer: One Free Drink, no strings attached.

The long answer: It depends on the bar. We have a range of bars in the Passport with different specialties, from wine to cider to cocktails and they'll give you something that reflects what they're all about. The variety is part of the fun.

What else can I do with the Passport to Bushwick?

Party! We're hosting Passport Parties at the various destinations throughout the year and we'll keep you informed on our social media and via the Bushwick Daily newsletter. The first party will be in January.

How can I share the Passport to Bushwick?

We encourage sharing on social media with #passporttobushwick and @bushwickdaily. We’ll also be featuring the first passport holder to visit all the bars on Bushwick Daily so be sure to get started as soon as you receive your passport.

Have another question? Email hello@passporttobushwick.com with any questions or comments.