The 2020 Passport to Bushwick is a Beer Coupon Book for bars in Bushwick Brooklyn giving the user a free drink from 20 of the best bars in the neighborhood.

Passport to Bushwick - 2020 Edition

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The Passport to Bushwick is your ticket to a better 2020. The portable passport contains coupons for free drinks at 20 of our favorite local bars, including House of Yes, Brooklyn Cider House, and Grimm Ales. 


Buy the book and receive a free drink from..

191 Knickerbocker ~~ 895 Bar ~~ Boobie Trap ~~Brooklyn Cider House ~~ Bushwick Public House ~~ Dromedary Bar ~Father Knows Best ~~ Gemelli ~ Grimm Artisanal Ales ~Hart Bar ~~ House of Yes ~~ Lot 45 ~~ Old Timers ~~ Pine Box Rock Shop ~~ Sea Wolf ~~ Starr Bar ~~ Syndicated ~~ Talon Bar ~~ The Gradient ~~The Wheelhouse